being british, muslim and a woman

This post today is one I have written with a heavy heart. My heart fell into my stomach when I looked at the news this morning. I burst into tears when I saw the live streaming of these satanic people slaying innocent lives. I can’t even fathom what was going through their minds when they continuously shot these people and went back to shoot them some more. It is my responsibility as a human being to stand up to the injustice that has happened today. The fact that they were Muslim didn’t make the pain any more than if it would’ve been any other religions place of worship. The Charleston church shooting and the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre was just as shocking and heart breaking for me to hear about. This is a personal attack on the whole of humanity, are we not all humans? To think anyone thinks they have a right to take anyone’s life because they believe they don’t deserve to be on this earth or that their life doesn’t matter, is sickening.

What’s even more scary is, that there most likely will be a counterattack from some maniac that is filled with as much hate as these white supremacist, who will do it in the ‘name of Islam’.

My parents came to London in 1990, fleeing from civil war, back home in Somalia. My parents were at the mercy of Great Britain, who gave us housing, money and above all, safety. I will forever be grateful to England (A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY) and I will always see it as my home. I live in a small town that has been my home for nearly 30 years, just on the outside of West London. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever faced Islamophobia or any hate crimes. I’ve had ignorant comments made to me but never in my home town. I have always lived in an 90% white area, my school was predominantly white and my friends were all white. Hand on my heart, they never once made me feel like I was different. I could even say I didn’t even pay attention to my skin colour, the only thing that set me a part from my childhood schooling, was my religion. I wasn’t allowed pork and we didn’t play kiss chase. That was it.

I was a normal kid in a normal school who lived a normal life in a Christian school. My parents didn’t ever teach me anything else but to be respectful and embrace everyone.

It’s only now as an adult that I realise that people don’t see me as ‘normal’, people think there’s an ‘oddness’ to me. This is all because of my faith and the colour of my skin.

Islam is my faith, not just because God chose me to be a Muslim but because I also choose to be one. I love everything about my faith; the rights it gives me, the love it tells me to show and above all, I love my lord that I serve.

My faith is made up of 5 things; to pray, to fast, to give to charity, holy pilgrimage (if you can) and to serve God and God alone.


I PRAY because it’s my time to devote to the lord who created me, blessed me with everything I have and is always ready to listen to me talk to him about anything. I give in CHARITY because it humbles me, it reminds me how God has favoured me over so many with the life I have. I FAST so it teaches me humility, to know that I’m able to see for a tiny moment how millions live around the world. To know that I can give up something for the sake of my lord and in return I get forgiven for my sins. I’ve had the pleasure and honour of visiting Mecca 🕋 and perfuming UMRAH (holy pilgrimage). Although, HAJJ is the official pilgrimage but it takes a lot to complete. But even in this, God doesn’t burden a soul with what more they can handle. Completing Umrah in our holy month of Ramadan is equivalent to completing Hajj.

MOST OF ALL I serve my lord and him alone. I associate nothing with him and he is enough for me.

My lord tells me to live and let live. To love everyone and show kindness at all times.

When I hear people accuse all Muslims of terrorism or call my faith hateful, I do wonder if they actually even bother to sit and study Islam. There are 1.7 BILLION Muslims in this world, if that was what Islam truly taught us, a lot more maniacs would be around and a lot more senseless murders would take place.

A study from University of North Carolina on terrorist attacks committed by Muslim Americans found that only 46 Muslim Americans were linked to violent extremism at home or abroad in 2016. The total Muslim American population is 3.3 million.

For people to think Muslims want the world dead and everyone dead and everything dead is just stupid. I am a Muslim, I do not wish to harm nor kill anyone. Yes I believe Islam is the right religion but I also believe it is your right to follow whatever you wish. I believe that God is forgiving and his mercy out weighs his anger. I also believe that these people cannot be reasoned with and no matter what they’re told or shown, they will still hate because that’s all they want to do.

I am not justifying my self to no body. I’m here, writing this in the hopes that someone will read this and understand that it is everyone’s right to life. That life is short enough, we don’t need anyone cutting it even shorter for anyone. I know this does not represent all of the white race or Christians. They do not represent New Zealand, what the country stands for or what Christianity is about. The same way Muslims are not responsible for the maniacs that kill innocent lives in the name of Islam.

I’m in a state of mind where I’m worried for my family back in England. What if this sparks a race war for some and they attack my sisters, nieces or aunties. Women are more visibly Muslim because they cover their heads. Men too can be visibly noticed as Muslims but For some reason, cowards prey on women because they see them as weak and won’t fight back.

I fear for the non Muslims that will face the consequences of his attack because the likelihood of a counterattack is high. So much hate is building up.

I’m Muslim, black and a female. Three things that are hated by some in this world. I refuse to let anyone scare me away from my faith, to put fear in my heart to the point I disown my religion. I know that there are more tolerant and accepting people in this world than evil individuals. I hope we can all unite in this world and love each other for the sake of humanity. For the sake of our children, so they may be raised in a loving, accepting world that won’t tell them they deserve death because they follow a certain God or religion!

In 2019, I am scared because I’m hated and my only crimes are being a Muslim, black and a female. In 2019, I am scared for my child to be raised in a world filled with prejudice people that may not accept her. In 2019, I’m worried about my future because I know that a president of one of the worlds most powerful country sets out to influences others to hate me (DONALD TRUMP). In 2019, I am a Muslim woman who is concerned with how some societies are normalising the mistreatment of Muslims, as they did and do to Jewish people.


In 2019, I am hopeful that education, love and acceptance will prevail. In 2019, I know my heart is ready to give people a second chance to change. In 2019, I am on a mission to teach my child to love all, accept everyone. To show compassion and to spread love to even those we may think are undeserving. In 2019, I will not be beaten by these racist cowards that wish for me to believe I am not worthy to be part of society.

Islam is in my blood, it is me and I am proud to say this

I hope for those xenophobes and racist individuals, that they educate themselves, meet someone they don’t understand and get to know them. Embrace other peoples cultures and backgrounds, to travel the world and see it’s beauty. Rather than staying small minded, ignorant and afraid of the unknown. Get to know!





  1. Zulaikha
    March 17, 2019 / 2:44 pm

    This brought tears to my eyes, this was beautifully explained and touched my heart ❤️ The world needs more beautiful people like you in it ❤️

  2. Khadra
    March 17, 2019 / 9:02 pm

    Beautifully written and your message is so accurate! It’s a scary time that we are living in but the optimist in me prays for peace to come for all.

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